Yoga & Pilates

As opposed to a routine Pilates workout which results in a well sculpted body, yoga is more of a lifestyle than a workout. Find all your yoga wear and yoga training accessories at Mi-Fit-Shop.

Yoga also focuses on integrating the mind, body and soul whereas Pilates focuses more on elongated postures.

Pilates also includes a few Pilates machines in the exercise, whereas yoga is a purely exercise mat routine.

Though the debate goes on as to which form of exercise is more effective, the answer simply lies in the fact that no one form of exercise suits everybody. Nowadays, some practice a combination of both Yoga and Pilates. There are people who may believe that they need physical exertion to maintain themselves, whereas in most cases what these people actually require is a mental relaxation. Stress is a major part of losing a healthy lifestyle and therefore whether yoga or pilates, just enjoy a great relaxing fitness workout.