Mifitshop Disclaimer Policy

Mifitshop Disclaimer Policy:

This is an online store. As the store is on a computerised platform, any "glitch" such as underpricing or erroneous overpricing for an item or the shipping price thereof, will be "dealt" with by the store manager at his / her discretion. We will be transparent and fair in all our dealings with our customers and ask politely that all customers respect the smooth running of the shop or otherwise. If you notice anything "wrong" with the store in it's functionality, please do not hesitate to contact customer support at mifitshop@gmail.com

Please feel FREE to browse our store and if you are looking for anything in particular and if we do not have it, we will do our utmost to source the product for you as well as provide it to you at a very competitive price.

SIncerely. Store Manager.